Vitae support for institutions applying for the HR Excellence in Research Award

IMPORTANT - The HR Excellence in Research Award UK process is changing

There are a number of advantages for UK institutions in making an application through the UK process including:

  • The strategy and action plan relate to implementation of the Concordat and QAA Quality Code: Chapter B11: Research degrees. There is no need to prepare additional plans to meet an alternative but related sets of principles
  • Institutions benefit from the co-ordination and support provided by Vitae as detailed below, including efficiencies of resources.

For institutions interested in engaging with the HR Excellence in Research initiative Vitae offers:

  • individual advice including:
    • general queries about the Award and submission process and criteria
    • feedback on drafts, in advance of final submission
    • information and reminders on submission deadlines and dates at which internal and external reviews are due for each Award holder
  • support and co-ordination of the UK review panel including:
    • collation and allocation of submissions to panel members
    • management of panel meetings for submission reviews
    • co-ordination and management of panel comments for individual organisations and feedback to institutions
    • delivery of formal acknowledgements on achieving the Award and required documentation
  • publicity for institutions on gaining and retaining the HR Excellence in Research Award
  • co-ordination of input on European Commission plans for future developments
  • opportunities to share practice with others who seek and hold the Award through face-to-face events and virtual networks.

We would be happy to talk to Vitae member organisations from outside the UK about support we offer.