EURAXIND for employers

How to connect to highly skilled academic talent

Our most highly educated workforce is not well connected to the broader jobmarket. Efforts to change this only succeed with input from employers. Can you spare a couple of minutes?

The past decades Europe has seen an astounding rise in numbers of people gaining a PhD degree. In fact, since 2000 the number of PhD degrees in the EU have increased at a faster rate than in the United States and Japan. In that sense Europe is doing very well in owning its place in the global economic competition, where innovation is more and more an economic success factor. But we are not there yet.

The next step is to welcome this highly skilled talent as employees in all sectors of our economy.  PhD degree holders are generally known for their creativity, project management, financial overview and sense of responsibility. They are curious, eager to learn and generally develop themselves quickly within a company. They can provide added benefits in many ways to many different employers.

Due to a lack of structures, instruments and knowledge, you as an employer cannot yet fully benefit from this available talent. Over the years many structures have been set up and improved for Master students to find their way to their future employers, through career guidance, job markets, and HR staff with a clear idea on what to expect from a Master degree graduate. These structures now need to be further developed for PhD degree holders as well.

In order to do so quickly and effectively, EURAXESS would like to hear what your needs are. HRM and recruiting specialists as well as managers are invited to fill in a 6 minute survey.