Focus on your career development

When you consider your career or professional development you might think about developing new research techniques, presenting at conferences or publishing your work. You might think about looking for a new job or working towards the next promotion. However, career development should also be about taking a step back to look at where you're going and how you might get there.

Taking a broad approach to career development can help you to

  • make the most of your current position or career path
  • promote yourself in the job market
  • re-consider the direction of your career
  • work towards specific career goals
  • understand the range of options open to you.

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As part of a broad approach to career development you would

Browse our site for more advice, information and resources tailored to researchers and which can help you with your career development. Researchers from Vitae member organisations can work through our: Professional development planning for researchers online course.

If you're thinking of coming to work in public-funded research in the UK, make the most of the professional development opportunities offered by your institution. These are likely to include support for self-analysis, reflection and planning, training in generic as well as specific skills, mentorship, internship or work placements schemes, business development services and individual careers advice.