All Vitae career stories

Jennifer Anderson

Athena SWAN advisor and facilitator. Former postdoctoral research scientist at the University of Oxford, UK.

Jennifer De Lillo

Jennifer worked at the British Library, and then at UCL before her doctorate. Then she developed an interest in medieval manuscripts, which encouraged her to pursue a doctorate in the Italian department at Royal Holloway.

Jennifer Houghton

Jennifer took short contracts in research labs, and an industrial placement, during her first degree before her doctorate. Through the doctoral education, she realised her desire for a career in science – though not in research. Now she works as a Programme Manager for the Science and Technology Facilities Council.

Jenny Koenig

Jenny is a science education consultant. She feels it is useful to know that there are other women doing similar things to her – particularly in the area of science. Just having other people there, and knowing that they are going through the same thing, has been a tremendous source of strength.

Jessica Barrett

Jessica completed her theoretical physics doctorate in the Mathematical Sciences and Physics Departments of Durham University. She then held a postdoctoral research position before being awarded a career development fellowship at the Medical Research Council's Biostatics Unit.

Jo van Every

Since completing a PhD in Sociology, Jo runs a coaching and academic research development consultancy. She believes that you should be able to earn a living doing something you love – and that most academics love research.

Joan Smith

A doctorate enabled Joan to develop more confidence in her academic abilities. Currently she works as a Postgraduate Training Co-ordinator for the University of Leicester.

Joanne Badge

Joane works as the Web Resources Development Officer for the University of Leicester. "The concept of career means very little to me! I guess I would term it just to collectively describe the jobs that I have held and the education I've received..."

Joanne Whitaker

Joanne runs Favio, a company that manufactures an innovative backless bra. At doctoral study level she liked "that you are in control of your own destiny and your own learning. You can choose your path, and you get out what you put in..."

John Baker

John gained his doctorate at the University of Manchester before becoming a lecturer at the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work in the University of Manchester.

John Okyere

John runs Crossgen, which makes tools for gene expression. He says that, "Explaining a new idea to someone in the commercial sector can be difficult. Often they say ‘no’ because they don’t understand it. This can be helped with effective communication..."

John Rooney

John Rooney is a lecturer at the School of Art and Design at the University of Salford. Before this he ran a graphic design consultancy for the creative art sector, including a long-term consultancy role with the Tate Gallery in Liverpool. He recently completed a Masters at MMU and is currently studying for a PhD at Salford. The content of his PhD will create site specific digital artworks in the city.

Juan Carlos Rivillas

Research leadership, National Health Observatories, Knowledge Translation Group, Epidemiology Unit/ Ministry of Health and Social Protection and MSc professor, Colombia. Former research staff in epidemiology and health economics, University of Turin, Italy.

Julia Meek

A self-employed research and evaluation consultant, Julia now works from home part-time, specialising in the use of technology for learning.

Julie Ferguson

Research and Education Coordinator, NHS Education for Scotland. Former research staff at Queen Margaret University and the University of York, UK.

Karen McAulay

Karen is a Music & Academic Services Librarian for the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.

Karina Lovell

Karina gained a qualification and professional knowledge from her doctorate, which were both important for her career. Now she works as a therapist for a charity, and a professor of mental health.

Kate Ho

Kate runs Interface 3, a consultancy specialising in the development of multi-touch interfaces. She went on a week-long course for doctoral students entitled the ‘Enterprisers Programme’, which covered aspects such as marketing, sales skills, etc. She recommends that future entrepreneurs look around their universities to identify commercial opportunities and funding.

Kathryn Whitehead

Kathryn practiced her ability to deal with people and situations during her doctorate. She now works as a Research Associate at the Manchester Metropolitan University.

Katie White

Medical writer. Former research staff in biomedical sciences, A Coruña Biomedical Research Institute, Spain, and University of Glasgow, UK.

Kenneth Mostern

Kenneth runs his own business conducting elections on behalf of labour unions. He manages between 18 and 24 elections a year, and would put his success down to a combination of having the time to figure out what to do next, luck, and being able to identify a gap in the market...

Kieran Dineen

Kieran studied for a PhD in Soil Mechanics with the Department of Civil Engineering at Imperial College, London. After setting up a spin-out company, he sold his shares and became a product manager at Thomas Telford Training – the knowledge arm of the Institution of Civil Engineers.

Krista Scott-Dixon

Krista comes from a social justice field where making real change for real people is important. She started a charity, the Healthy Food Bank foundation, for which she is the Research Director. She also runs her own women's fitness website.

Linda Kirstein

Linda completed her doctorate in geology. After this she worked on a project at the Free University in Amsterdam. She then obtained funding to be a research fellow at the University of Edinburgh, followed by funding from the Royal Society of Edinburgh. She is now working as a research fellow funded by the Natural Environmental Research Council.

Lorna Dargan

Careers Adviser, Newcastle University UK. Former Research Staff at Newcastle University UK.

Louise Sullivan

Louise worked in the food industry for ten years before her doctorate. After finishing doctorate, she began working in a statistics department.

Lucy Grimshaw

Lucy worked as an MP's researcher, but then decided to move into public affairs at the British Library.

Madhuri Warren

Madhuri loves the independence that having her own business has brought her, and the fact that she can determine how to grow and resource the business. In terms of applying the skills picked up during her doctorate, she uses her scientific skills all the time – especially those associated with experimental design and scientific strategy.

Maggie Aderin-Pocock

Maggie's first role was with the Ministry of Defence, combining knowledge from her first degree in physics with her doctorate in mechanical engineering. She returned to academia to work on building an instrument to bolt on to the Gemini telescope. She is currently working in both industry and academia as a space scientist and science communicator.

Maggie McCammon

Prior to her doctorate in chemistry, Maggie worked in industry for companies such as Pfizer. After completing her doctorate she worked as a university researcher, and then as a research fellow at the University of Cambridge. After undertaking an MBA at the Judge Business School in Cambridge, she moved on to become a research translation specialist at the University of Michigan.