Career stories: doctoral entrepreneurs

Robin Henderson

Having previously worked in academia, Robin now works full time as a consultant, delivering a range of projects where he enjoys the freedom of managing himself.

Steve Jones

Steve runs Adamson Jones, an intellectual property and patent company. He says there have been many challenges in starting up on his own. He was fortunate enough to acquire plenty of business, which resulted in greater challenges like employing people – and finding the time to work on the business rather than in the business...

Tim Hart

Tim runs Zyoxel, a university spin-out which is commercialising micro bioreactor technology. He loves the excitement and risk associated with running a business...

Tim Willis

Tim runs his own business developing accessibility software. He thinks it’s quite hard to stop once you’ve got started with your own business, because you gather momentum – "and all of these ideas and prospects come out of the woodwork..."

Trudi Deakin

Trudi runs X-PERT Health CIC, a health sector training company. She says she uses the skills and knowledge developed throughout her doctorate on a daily basis. "However, there has been a steep learning curve to develop business skills such as sales, marketing and managing cash flow..."