Tim Brown

Tim undertook doctoral research in electrical engineering before becoming a lecturer within the Centre for Communication Systems Research at the University of Surrey.

"After post-graduation experience at Nortel Networks, where I acquired my interest in mobile radio communications, I moved on to doctoral research in electrical engineering. I went on to spend 18 months in higher education policy, and time in research at Aalborg University, Denmark. I now teach on antennas, radio propagation and radio systems, and my role has an important research aspect – I am currently building up a research group. Being an academic is challenging, but provides variety and space to take on new and interesting initiatives.

"My doctorate has been essential for my current post. It not only gave me specialist subject knowledge, but also knowledge in a subject suitable for teaching and research – which helped me to develop the ability to take the lead and solve problems. This is something I particularly noticed while on sabbatical, when I had to take charge of tasks myself and use my own initiative. This has helped me since in the managerial aspects of my work. I only wish I had taken time to reflect more on the importance of these qualities whilst working on my doctorate.

"To doctoral researchers I would say, don’t just focus on your doctorate. Get involved in other activities that will enhance your abilities – as well as reminding yourself that you have a life!"