Zoe Knox

Zoe has a doctorate from Monash University in Australia. Before becoming a lecturer at the University of Leicester, she was a post doctorate researcher and a teacher.

"I completed my doctorate at Monash University in Australia. My research focused on the history of church-state relations in Soviet and post-Soviet Russia.

"When my PhD scholarship ran out, I worked as an administrator at the University of Melbourne. After I had submitted my doctoral thesis, I was unable to find research work for another year – until I was awarded a part-time postdoctoral fellowship at Monash University. To make ends meet, I also taught at a third university.

"I was then awarded a Mellon postdoctoral fellowship at Rice University in the USA. After two years, I was appointed to a short-term post at the University of Leicester. When a permanent post opened up in the department, I applied for it and was appointed.

"My current role includes administration, teaching and research. In terms of research, I conduct archival research, submit articles to academic journals, work on collaborative research projects, present at conferences, and engage with the international community of researchers in Russian studies in many other ways. The skills required to carry out all these duties, and to succeed in this competitive profession, were all honed during my doctoral studies."