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Alastair Wilkins

Alastair did his doctorate at the University of Cambridge in the Department of Clinical Neurosciences. He is now a consultant neurologist and a senior lecturer in neurology at the University of Bristol.

Alex Linley

"Creating something that enables other people to grow and develop has been really enjoyable. Having the autonomy to decide what I want to do every day has been excellent too."

Alexander Griekspoor

Alex decided to set up his business, an independent software vendor, after initially trialling it during his final year as a doctoral researcher.

Alexandra Samuel

CEO of social media strategy company

Alison James

Alison completed her doctorate on the work of Dod Procter RA. She is now Head of Learning and Teaching at the London College of Fashion.

Amanda Zeffman

Amanda gained a strong understanding of the academic community and the key issues for the research and academic world through her doctorate, which was also invaluable to non-academic roles. Now she works as Senior Consultancy Associate for Cambridge Enterprise.

Andrew Douglas

Andrew completed his doctorate in computer science at the University of Kent at Canterbury. He has had a variety of positions including at a government research organisation in Germany, at the University of York as a researcher and at a large internet company as a systems analyst. He recently took the decision to change direction and is now working as a potter.

Andrew Eaves

Andrew completed a doctorate in operational research at the University of Lancaster while working for the Ministry of Defence. He is now an independent operational research consultant running his own company, Andalus Solutions Limited.

Andrew Hann

Andrew completed his thesis on agrarian capitalism in England at the University of Oxford. He then became a team leader at the Victoria County History and is currently Senior Properties Historian for English Heritage.

Andy Charlwood

Andy studied for his doctorate in the Industrial Relations Department at the London School of Economics (LSE) before becoming a senior lecturer in industrial relations and human resource management at the University of York.