Researcher CV examples

Eighteen fictional CVs based on real researchers from different disciplines. Our examples are written in a range of styles.

If you ask ten people to give an opinion on what makes a good CV you will get as many different answers.  A CV is your document so it's up to you to choose the appropriate style, tone and structure, using the guidance available to you.

We have prepared fictional example CVs * from six successful researchers. They represent a variety of experience, disciplines and approaches to presentation. For each person an academic CV, a chronological CV and a skills-based CV is presented. The examples are not intended to be 'perfect' but to show how different people approach the challenge in different ways.

(*Please, note that you will need to be registered to the website with address to access the examples).

Examples prepared for academic applications are relatively long with more detail of academic achievement and experience. This format is not usually appropriate for use outside academia. Shorter chronological or skills-based CVs should be carefully tailored to the job and/or company you are applying to.

Use the examples to help find your own preferred approach. Try comparing all three examples from each researcher to see how the same skills and experience can be presented differently. Notice what has been left out in the shorter versions.

More advice on presenting yourself through your CV - in academia and outside it - can be found in our section on creating effective CVs.