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Developed by Vitae on behalf of the IPO, the IP for Research Facilitation Manual follows the success of a series of face-to-face and online IP for Research workshops recently delivered to UK universities. 

Building on the popularity and usefulness of the workshops, the IPO and Vitae have created an ‘off-the-shelf’ IP for research training package that researcher developers and/or technology transfer offices can use, to facilitate and deliver in-house IP for Research Training programme for researchers. It will pro-actively help upskill the research community in intellectual property.

The aim of this IP for research training resource is to help researchers:

  • make informed decisions about the use of any intellectual property generated either by themselves or others
  • know when to seek additional help from an intellectual property expert at their institution. 
  • seize the potential opportunities to maximise the impact of their research and the prestige of their institution

The resource provides researcher developers and those who work in technology transfer offices:

  • IP for research programme content and delivery methods 
  • format(s) to use to upskill your researchers in IP 
  • an adaptable training programme to suit your institutional requirements
  • guidance in how to advertise IP for research training events
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