Career and professional development from Vitae

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Tailored for researchers 

We deliver almost 50 expertly facilitated programmes and workshops annually. We are skilled in adapting delivery formats and styles to maintain researcher engagement, and in using interactive techniques to enhance researchers' understanding of topics and motivation to engage in learning and development.  

Our learning and development offering is experiential, with evidence led development and a researcher centred, collaborative, approach at the heart of everything we do.

Where possible, we aim to co-design programmes with researchers to centre their experience, and tailor programmes to meet their needs and challenges; whilst also using our knowledge and understanding to offer practical and impactful learning and development solutions. 

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Very useful and well presented, will recommend it to my colleagues” 


All researcher career stages and disciplines

Our learning and development programmes are tailored for researchers at all career stages, from those in the first year of their doctorates to experienced researchers in leadership role. We provide practical and appliable training that researchers can apply to their professional lives, whatever their career stage and discipline. 

L&D areas of expertise: 

We offer online or in-person training, mentoring and coaching, and 'Train the Trainer' support across the Researcher Development Framework, as listed below. We also design Development Needs Analysis to underpin your programme, and enhance evaluation to evidence impact. 

  • Career and professional development: Professional and career development planning; Career choices for researchers; Making effective job applications; Preparing for job interviews; Introduction to the Researcher Development Framework (RDF) and Planner.
  • Professional effectiveness: How to be an effective researcher; Enhancing professional effectiveness; Time management in research; Self-confidence in research; Project management in research; Strategic project management; Work-life balance.
  • Research leadership: Effective team leadership; Building and managing a research team; Creating a healthy research culture; Leading your vision and implementing strategy; Setting the research agenda; Developing leaders; Effective mentoring relationships.
  • Responsible research and integrity: The open researcher; The green researcher; finding and applying for grant funding.
  • Commercialising research: Enterprising researcher; Intellectual property rights for researchers; Developing your research pitch.
  • Engagement and impact: Research communication and impact; Engaging with policymakers; Communicating research to industry; Publication and peer review.
  • Communication and collaboration: Collaborative researcher; Building an online profile; Networking strategies; Building positive supervision relationships.
  • ‘Train the trainer’ sessions: Tailored for researcher developers, providing you with a grounding in the principles and techniques of effective researcher development and supporting you to deliver in-house programmes.
  • Coaching: Online and group coaching with qualified coaches to support researchers in their career development or other specific needs. 
It was well structured, insightful, interactive and well-coordinated with knowledgeable facilitators” 

Working with us 

We partner with professionals supporting researchers within institutions, and on full understanding of your requirements will:

  • Secure an expert facilitator/coach with the knowledge and experience to work with your researchers
  • Share all joining information and programmes, written for your researchers, with everything they need to engage in activities
  • Map the content of our activity to the Researcher Development Framework
  • Provide post activity online evaluation as standard, with an option for enhanced evaluation
  • Provide an additional host for online delivery to support researcher' interaction and engagement

Vitae programmes are underpinned by the Vitae Researcher Development Framework (RDF) which maps the full range of knowledge, behaviours and competencies identified as attributes of successful researchers. Learning outcomes for all of our courses are fully mapped to the RDF.