Polonez re-sized 

The Vitae training programme for POLONEZ consists of 29 two-day workshops on five different themes for over 100 fellows held over a two year period for research fellows funded by POLONEZ, a funding scheme run by the National Science Centre, Poland.

Very professional, well prepared and skilful facilitation"  Polonez Fellow, Quote from networking event

Underpinned by the RDF, the themes of the Vitae programme include Personal Effectiveness, Working with Others, Management, Communication and Intellectual Property and Commercialisation.

The sessions are delivered by a range of Vitae expert trainers to ensure the best possible match between their experience and the POLONEZ training requirements.

In June 2019, Vitae facilitated an evening networking event for the POLONEZ fellows, which included talks on research-industry collaboration and a networking opportunity for Polonez fellows and fellows from other programmes to meet those involved in R&D and start-ups beyond academia.

"Very useful for understanding the importance and getting the tools to set a clear career strategy (which is an aspect I was not giving much importance before)" Quote from Polonez Fellow on Management Training Session