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What is the Vitae Researcher Development Framework (RDF)?

The RDF is a significant approach to developing world-class researchers. It identifies the knowledge, behaviour and attributes of successful researchers. It helps them maximise their potential and get the most out of their career by developing these attributes.

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More about the RDF's structure and content.

Are you a researcher?

The RDF can help you achieve your goals, within and beyond your research.

Are you a researcher developer, HR specialist, careers advisor or trainer?

The RDF can help you plan activities and provision for researcher development.

Are you a senior decision-maker?

The RDF can be used to inform decisions about a research area or your institution’s strategic approach to the development of researchers.

RDF Planner

The RDF Planner is a unique and up-to-date approach to professional development planning for researchers.

It is an easy to use online application that enables researchers to identify expertise and capabilities, plan their professional development, set personal targets and store evidence of success.

The RDF Planner is available to institutions and to individuals.

Are you a supervisor, principal investigator or research director?

The RDF can help you get the best from your researchers, and do your best for them.