About the Vitae Researcher Development Framework Planner

The Vitae RDF Planner is a web based application which organisations and individuals can use to map professional development using the Vitae Researcher Development Framework (RDF)

Researchers can use the RDF Planner for professional development, to identify strengths, action plan, review achievements and create a portfolio of evidence. Through the RDF Planner organisations can direct researchers to suitable courses and development opportunities linked to the RDF.

Researchers can also use Vitae's PDP ROC (Professional Development Planning for Researchers Online Course), together with the RDF Planner and institutional provision, to help undertake and enhance their professional development planning activities.

Find out what subscribers and researchers say about their use of the RDF Planner.

The RDF Planner is available through organisation or individual subscription (Note: this is separate from Vitae membership).

RDF Planner videos

RDF Planner short overview video

RDF Planner short demo video

Tutorial videos - providing a more in depth look at functionality from the perspective of a researcher and an administrator:

RDF Planner researcher tutorial video

RDF Planner administrator tutorial video

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 The RDF Planner

The RDF Planner

A unique and innovative application for researchers who want to manage their professional development: online - personalised - flexible.

Introduction to the RDF Planner

Introduction to the RDF Planner

A short video to give you a flavour of what the RDF Planner is about. (see above)

A more in depth video showing various features of the Planner and how you can use it. (see above)

What researchers say about the RDF Planner

“A brilliant idea to have an online app like this”

“This will … mean that I do not overlook any skills which may be required.”

“An excellent tool, it has enhanced my thinking.”

“It would … improve my employability, because I can focus on what skills I have and market them accordingly.”

“Good way to store evidence of your professional development as well as make clear targets with actions and deadlines.”

Benefits of the RDF Planner for institutions

An organisational subscription to the Planner includes:

  • use of the RDF Planner by your researchers
  • option to upload institutional resources
  • institutional management of Planner usage
  • complementary resources
  • a dedicated Vitae contact
  • IT helpdesk support for technical queries
  • evaluation materials.

Further subscription information for institutions

Benefits of the RDF Planner for individuals

Benefits of the RDF Planner for individuals

Check with your institution to see if it has a subscription. If not, you can subscribe to the Planner by individual subscription.

More information for researchers about the Planner

Useful documents

Useful documents

Downloadable overview of the RDF Planner

RDF Planner evaluation report