RDF Planner perspectives: researcher case studies

View Carolina Urrego's case study providing her views, experiences and approach to using the RDF Planner.

Other researchers have said:

"I think it would help in interview situations where evidence is required to show specific attributes"

"Capturing activities that I would otherwise forget - when writing a funding/job application in 2-3 years time, I won't remember the specific examples of activities that demonstrate these skills. So for me, the main benefit is in capturing examples and associating them with the RDF, which I trust as a guide to the skills I need."

"It is a great way of keeping all my career development documents together in one single place.. and allow me to access relevant training"

"It makes me focus less on the details of my PhD and realise the larger picture of a career in research"

"I think I could plan for the future better with it. And also prepare for promotion"