Lenses on the Vitae Researcher Development Framework

Research Development Framework RDF domainsLenses on the Vitae Researcher Development Framework (RDF) focus on knowledge, behaviours and attributes that are developed or acquired through, or used in, the broader contexts of being a researcher.  
Looking at professional development through a lens can help researchers strengthen their academic profile or prepare for transition into a new area of work.

Researchers can use lenses to:

  • Focus on a particular area of expertise they wish to develop
  • Recognise how their knowledge, behaviours and attributes can be used in  a variety of different contexts
  • Provide evidence of the transferability of knowledge, behaviours and attributes in a CV, in job applications and at interviews
  • Explore how the Vitae Researcher Development Framework relates to other professional frameworks and vice versa. 
  • Explore how the knowledge, behaviours and attributes developed as a researcher can help achieve recognition from professional bodies

Those responsible for professional development or supervision of researchers can use lenses to:

  • encourage researchers to engage in activities such as enterprise, public engagement or teaching by illustrating how these contribute towards their professional development as a researcher
  • develop leadership potential, help researchers get started in research or settle into a new research community
  • enable researchers to recognise the learning they have acquired in other contexts and highlight the transferability of their  knowledge, behaviours and attributes
  • help researchers to consider personal goals in different contexts
  • strategically align training and development towards different areas of expertise; for example improving levels of public engagement by researchers; supporting leadership development.

The lenses

Employability lens

Engineering lens  

Enterprise lens 

Getting started in research lens

Information Literacy lens 

Intellectual Property lens

Intrapreneurship lens

Knowledge Exchange lens

Leadership lens  

Pathways to Chartership

Public engagement lens 

Public engagement leadership lens

Teaching lens

Technicians lens (draft)

Researcher mobility lens

Wellbeing and mental health lens

Developing a new lens

Vitae continues to develop RDF lenses to illustrate other aspects of being a researcher and welcomes suggestions for new lenses and collaborative lens development. To protect and maintain the integrity of the Vitae Researcher Development Framework (RDF) and the Researcher Development Statement (RDS) and to ensure a consistent approach to the development of lenses on the RDF, anyone wishing to create a lens on the RDF should seek permission from Vitae, and must adhere to the RDF conditions of use.

Please with enquiries regarding the development of a lens on the RDF.