Academic Professional Apprenticeship

The Level 7 Academic Professional Apprenticeship (L7 APA) is a new standard intended to develop full competency in early career academics’ role as practitioners.
Advance HE                                                                                            

The Academic Professional Apprenticeship is a route for HEIs in England to access Apprenticeship Levy funds to support costs of early career academic development.

Academic Professionals undertake the core role and follow one of two specialist routes, teaching and supporting learning or undertaking research. The apprenticeship requires an independent End Point Assessment (EPA) to be carried out. EPA has three components: a written submission, an observation of teaching practice (Specialist role in Teaching) or research skills (Specialist role in Research), and a professional conversation.

Advance HE is the registered End Point Assessment Organisation for the Level 7 Academic Professional Apprenticeship, working in partnership with Vitae. Our joint approach to EPA:

  • Accessible: at the point that an apprentice is ready to take their EPA
  • High quality: building on existing core capabilities to ensure a high quality of service
  • Clearly linked to existing professional recognition
  • Nationally standardised, so the sector can observe integrity in the system