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We offer a wealth of resources to use in planning and delivering development and information sessions and materials for researchers and their supervisors and managers. These are some highlights - use the site search to find more!

Vitae Library of Resources

Vitae Library of Resources

Professional development programmes and training materials to use with doctoral candidates and research staff. Includes full packaged programmes and short skills sessions

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Preparing for leadership programme to run with research staff

Link or profile Vitae resources

Link or profile Vitae resources

Enrich sessions, handouts or online content. Some highlights:

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Most popular: CV examples tailored to researchers

Short articles in our quick tips series

Researcher booklets - advice and quick exercises

Routemaps for new researchers

Focus on : regularly changing topics such as open researchers, enterprise and equality and diversity



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Researchers on film: career stories, 3MT finals, part-time research, public engagement

What do researchers do? Infographics

PIs share their experiences of mentoring research staff

Podcast: Researcher booklets, participants reflect on benefits of the 3MT competition

Routemaps for new researchers. Video/audio, PDF and interactive Prezi

Press-ready resources

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