Professional development advice sheets

Our collection covers all 63 professional development areas from the Vitae Researcher Development Framework (RDF). Each sheet asks why this topic is important and how you can improve in that area.

Click on a quadrant of the RDF to see sheets covering topics in that domain.

rdf domain DRDF domain A

RDF domain CRDF domain B

Domain A: Knowledge and intellectual abilities

A1: Knowledge base

Using subject knowledge in research

Research methods: theoretical knowledge and practical application

Using information seeking and information literacy and management skills in research

Using languages and academic literacy and numeracy in research

A2: Cognitive abilities

Using analysis and synthesis in research

Using critical thinking and evaluation in research

Using problem solving in research

A3: Creativity

Using an inquring mind and intellectual insight to meet the challenges of research

Using innovation in research

Argument construction and intellectual risk in research

Domain B: Personal effectiveness

B1: Personal qualities

The need for enthusiasm and perseverance as a researcher

Integrity for good practice in research

The importance of self-confidence for researchers

Self-reflection for researchers

Researchers' responsibilities

B2: Self-management

Preparation and prioritisation in research

Commitment to research

The importance of time management for researchers

Responsiveness to change for researchers

Managing work-life balance as a researcher

B3: Professional and career development

Managing your career and continuing professional development (CPD) for researchers

Taking advantage of opportunities available to researchers

The value of networking as a researcher

Reputation and esteem for researchers

Domain C: Research governance and organisation

C1: Professional conduct

Health and safety, legal requirements, IPR and copyright for researchers

Ethics, principles and sustainability in the context of research

The need for respect and confidentiality in research

Criteria for attribution and co-authorship in research

Appropriate practice in research

C2: Research management

Research strategy

Project planning and delivery for research

Risk management in research

C3: Finance, funding and resources

Income and funding generation, financial management and infrastructure and resources for research

Domain D: Engagement, influence and impact

D1: Working with others

Collegiality, mentoring, influence, leadership and collaboration in research

Team working for success as a researcher

Managing people to achieve research aims

Supervision in research

Equality and diversity in the research environment

D2: Communication and dissemination

Communication methods and media for researchers

Publish your research

D3: Engagement and impact

The role of teaching in research

Engaging the public with research

Enterprise and research

Policy in research

Making a difference to society and culture through research

Global citizenship in research