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1. Our researcher CV examples. Eighteen fictional CVs based on the experience and skills of six real researchers. For each researcher we demonstrate three ways to present the same information

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2. Pursuing an academic career. Includes writing a statement of academic research interest, how to write an academic CV, academic cover letters  and where to find sources of research funding

3. The Vitae Researcher Development Framework (RDF). The Framework describes the attributes, knowledge, skills and behaviours of a successful researcher. Use it as a tool to help you recognise and articulate existing attributes or look for areas where you most need to focus on professional development. Overwhelmed? Cut it down to size with our lenses on the RDF

4. Your viva. Especially for doctoral candidates. Part of a wider section on completing your doctorate

5. Schedule for Success. Starting out in research or in need of help with planning your time? Simply explore the ideas on this downloadable resource or print it out and write on it.


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