Leadership: Vitae member poll

During our focus on leadership we asked you to tell us how you have benefited from working with an effective leader and how a leader has impacted you or your career.

Cartoon aerial image of people standing in an arrow shape. One figure standing in the middle of the group stands out as they are depicted in a different colourThe poll is now closed

We asked how you’ve benefitted from the leadership of others in your current role. Your top choices were:

  • Being offered challenges and opportunities.Researchers beyond the first stage found this especially valuable
  • Intellectual support and development: the second most popular  and placed joint top by recognised researchers
  • Being led by example. Also number one for first stage researchers.

Some of the ways you said a leader has made an impact on your career:

They have presented me with opportunities, encouraged me to engage in those opportunities and respected my feedback.  Recognised researcher

[The leader] has always pushed me forward, never doubted my abilities even when I doubted myself. Established researcher

Inspiration through thorough discussion, guidance and patience.  It has made change my career from a teacher to researcher. First-stage researcher

Encouragement, example and recognition. And opportunities, often in areas not directly related to my ostensible expertise, but always challenging, and genuinely useful. Recognised researcher

Provided practical support (both financial and in an advisory capacity) allowing me to develop my vision as a leader. Established researcher

By offering criticism, by allowing me opportunities to try new things, by supporting me in using my initiative, by not micro-managing. Recognised researcher

I would have quit without the substantial support of my (informal, but powerful) mentor. Recognised researcher

It is helpful to have experienced the way not to do things as it emphasises to you when you are in a well-led organisation. Recognised researcher