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Supporting Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for Researcher Developers

This leaflet outlines examples of activities and resources available to researcher developers for their continuing professional development.

Supporting researchers on placement Vitae 2015

Guidance for Research Directors, PIs and supervisors on supporting researchers to benefit from professional placements or internships.

The balanced researcher: Strategies for busy researchers, Vitae 2008

The balanced researcher: Strategies for busy researchers (2008).

The career-wise researcher Vitae 2013

This booklet has been designed to give you practical steps you should take to understand yourself and your capabilities; increase your awareness of job opportunities and what employers are seeking and more. There is little doubt that economic, technological, political and social changes have transformed the world of work. Whether you consider yourself as ambitious with clear career goals or someone who sees what life brings, thinking about your career and what you want out of it is something you should make time for...

The creative researcher, Vitae 2009

Tools and techniques to unleash your creativity. This booklet offers practical information and advice for researchers about creativity in a research environment...

The engaging researcher, Vitae 2010

Inspiring people to engage with your research. This booklet offers practical tips on how public engagement can benefit you, your research and the public with whom you engage.

The Enterprising Researcher

The enterprising researcher is the latest booklet in our researcher booklets series with tips on how to create, recognise and seize opportunities. Our booklets is filled with: Exercises on practising an enterprising mindset, case studies of researchers turned entrepreneur, practical advice on finance and patents.

The informed researcher - press file

Print-ready version of the Informed researcher booklet

The Informed Researcher, Vitae 2012

The Informed Researcher, Vitae 2012