List of guides, briefings and information

The leading researcher, Vitae 2011

A practical guide and introduction to leadership with useful theories and exercises to help you explore your leadership potential "The best leaders are not only highly motivated themselves, but somehow are able to radiate that positivity, igniting and mobilising positive attitudes in those around them."...

The researcher on placement. Vitae 2015

Guidance for research staff and students considering opportunities for professional placements or internships.

University of Bath - Bath Science Academy

Case study providing information about Bath Science Academy

Vitae activities 2014-2015

Calendar of Vitae activities in the upcoming academic year

Vitae Annual Programme 2016/17

A schedule of key Vitae campaigns and events in the upcoming months 2016/17

Vitae capacity building programme

This brochure summarises the Vitae capacity building programme, which provides a range of products and services to support growth with differing levels of institutional impact.