New publications from Vitae

Vitae Annual Programme 2017/18

The Vitae Annual Programme aims to continuously advance the researcher development profession to realise the potential of researchers through collaboration, innovation and reflecting sector needs.

Vitae Annual Report

Vitae Annual Report 2016/2017 is a review of key successes and activities of Vitae in 2016/2017 and activities planned for 2018.

Five Steps Forward

Five Steps Forward launched at the Vitae Researcher Development Conference 2017, based on successive Careers in Research Online Surveys (CROS) and Principal Investigators & Research Leaders Surveys (PIRLS)

Vitae professional development and training for researchers

Our new Professional Development and Training for Researchers leaflet details the great range of courses that are available to Researchers and Researcher Developers

Vitae Capacity Building Programmes

This brochure summarises the Vitae capacity building programme, which provides a range of products and services to support growth with differing levels of institutional impact.

Getting started with Vitae

A timely addition for inductions, read our new getting started leaflets for research staffdoctoral researchers and researcher developers