List of Vitae reports

Equality and status of women in research 2016

Survey Report for the Global Research Council 2016 Annual Meeting

EURAXIND Literature review of employers' needs in enhancing intersectoral mobility

European wide literature review examining relations between industry and academia from an employer perspective

European Charter and Code Launch conference report, Vitae 2005

Proceedings of the UK Presidency conference on the European Chater and Code (2005)

Exploring intrapreneurship in researcher development Vitae, 2008

Exploring intrapreneurship in researcher development Vitae

Exploring the turning points in researchers’ lives, Vitae 2013

This publication sets out an approach to careers work called three scene storyboarding. Storyboarding aims to help researchers to set down their experiences, to think about their careers and to take action based on this reflection.

Five Steps Forward

Based on successive Careers in Research Online Surveys (CROS) and Principal Investigators & Research Leaders Surveys (PIRLS) - 2008-2017

HR Excellence in Research Award - 2015 event report

Event report on the outcomes of the HR Excellence in Research Award: exploring strategies for evaluation, evidence and future directions

HR Strategies for Researchers: A review of the HR Excellence in Research Award implementation activities across Europe, Vitae 2013

This report explores how research institutions and funders across Europe are approaching the researcher HRM, particularly in response to the European Commission’s initiative to provide the HR Excellence in Research Award for organisations demonstrating their practical commitment to the principles set out in the Charter and Code.