Research integrity: a landscape study

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Vitae in partnership with the UK Research Integrity Office (UKRIO) and the UK Reproducibility Network (UKRN) welcome the publication of Research integrity: a landscape study, which was commissioned by the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), in response to a recommendation from the House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee.

Evidence submitted to the Committee suggested UK research culture may disincentivise research integrity and highlighted the need to better understand incentives and effects in the UK research and funding system that influence behaviour in the context of research integrity.

The study included a literature review, survey, interviews and workshops that collectively reached over 1,500 researchers and other individuals in the UK research system.

A range of potential incentives were explored at different levels of the research system, from the individual level, through to local, discipline, institutional, national and global levels.

The report and collection of supporting annexes are available to download as PDFs.