Careers in Academia

A one-day career development event for doctoral candidates.

Careers in academiaIn the UK, around half of all postgraduate researchers take up jobs within the education sector immediately after graduation but not all of those are in research positions.

Careers in Academia is a highly successful one-day event, presenting doctoral candidates with an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the roles and responsibilities integral to an academic career. They consider the specific skills and strengths required to succeed in what can be a very competitive environment. Careers in Academia aims to help participants decide whether this is a career path they would like to pursue.

During the event, participants have the opportunity to:

  • meet with current academics from a range of disciplines and hear about their experiences
  • explore how to market themselves for a career in academia, both within their department, and at interview
  • look at how to write successful grant applications / papers
  • explore what life is like as an early career researcher
  • work with fellow researchers and share experiences with other participants.

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The programme has been developed to ensure that it can be delivered to researchers from a mixture of disciplines. To support the delivery of the programme sessions we can offer filmed presentations from a Vitae national event.

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