Engaging Researcher

A one-day experiential training course to explore public engagement activities that researchers can get involved in. The material has been written for postgraduate researchers and research staff with little or no public engagement experience but the exercises may work for other audiences.

During this one-day public engagement training, participants work in groups of 4-6, with 3-6 groups to 2 facilitators. The course can be run without prior knowledge of public engagement.

The programme is split across two concepts:

  • Case study activities where researchers work in teams to build a public engagement activity
  • Reflective activities to support researchers in thinking about how they can apply what they have learnt in the case study to their own research field.

This programme can be run as a one day standalone course or broken into smaller modules. The exercises may also be adapted for use within existing public engagement courses. To date, they have been used successfully in 1 hour, half-day and full-day sessions, and as part of a 3 month programme.

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