Discovering Innovation and Intrapreneurship

A suite of materials looking at intrapreneurial attributes that make an effective researcher. The resource includes a research report, information sheet, self-assessment form and development sessions.

Intrapreneurship requires a similar set of skills, traits and capabilities to entrepreneurship, but takes place within the context of an organisation. Intrapreneurs take hands-on responsibility for creating innovation of any kind within an organisation. They transform an idea into something which adds value for the organisation; this could be a 'product' or a change to a process.

Intrapreneurs can be defined as: ‘Those who take hands-on responsibility for creating innovation of any kind within an organisation’ Pinchot, G. (1985) Intrapreneuring: why you don’t have to leave corporation to become an entrepreneur, Harper & Row, New York.

There is a recognised economic need for researchers moving into commercial or academic careers to have intrapreneurial skills and the confidence to contribute to organisational innovation, growth and competitive advantage. As such, there are a number of incentives for researchers at all levels to develop their intrapreneurial capabilities.

Research itself is inherently intrapreneurial and in this sense, researchers developing intrapreneurial capabilities see an immediate return on the investment of their time and effort; intrapreneurial awareness informs and enhances their research as part of an ongoing process.

This 3 hour or 75 minute development session has been developed in collaboration with UK higher education institutions, and is designed for 12 to 18 doctoral researchers or research staff. The aims of the session are to

  • introduce participants to the concepts of innovation and intrapreneurship in an academic and non-academic context
  • highlight the capabilities and skills displayed by superior performing early career researchers and corporate intrapreneurs through a series of academic and non-academic scenarios.

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