Conditions of Use

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Conditions of Use

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This document is made available to higher education institutions (HEIs) and Vitae members strictly for non-commercial use subject to the following conditions. Material from this document may be adapted, copied and reproduced in any medium by HEIs in the United Kingdom for internal and non-commercial, training and development purposes, provided in all cases that the original source is acknowledged as detailed below. Any material relating to the Researcher Development Framework (RDF) or Researcher Development Statement (RDS) is subject to the conditions of use detailed at

UK HEIs outside of the UK, and other Vitae member organisations who operate outside of the UK HEI sector, may only use this document as detailed above with their own staff and registered students. You must contact for any other use, including but not limited to, use with partnered research institutes and other associated organisations which are not explicitly included in your Vitae membership agreement.

Intellectual Property Rights

All rights in material from this document shall remain with CRAC and, save as expressly set out in these terms or as permitted in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (or equivalent provisions under the laws of copyright in force in other countries), are reserved. The copyright and any other intellectual property rights in any adaptations of this document shall belong to and be assigned (by way of present assignment of future rights) to CRAC.


Any reproduction, including by way of adaptation, of these materials shall include the following acknowledgment: ‘This resource has been adapted by [name of institution] for its own non-commercial use. It is based on the original resource, [name of resource] developed by Vitae, © 2014 The Careers Research and Advisory Centre (CRAC) Limited.’

Other Uses

If material from this document is required for any purpose outside the permission contained in these terms including but not limited to (a) distribution or communication to the public (b) any commercial use, including use for-profit, for commercial advantage or for cost-recovery (c) use outside of the higher education sector in a manner not set out above, please contact or write to the following address:

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Whilst every effort has been made to ensure these materials are accurate and complete, CRAC is not responsible for any errors or omissions, factual or otherwise, and does not accept any liability arising out of any reliance placed on the information contained within these materials.


CRAC may revise these terms of use from time-to-time. Revised terms of use will apply to the use of the materials in this document from the date of the publication of the revised terms of use on our website. Please check this page regularly to ensure you are familiar with the current version.

Last updated: March 2018