Effective Researcher

A suite of five programmes to enable researchers to be more effective throughout their doctorate and better prepared to move on.

About the programmes

Effective Researcher: Getting started

A half-day or one-day programme for those in the first 3-5 weeks of their doctorate. It focuses on the skills required of researchers for successful self-management and development during their doctorate.

Effective Researcher: ‘How to be an effective researcher’

A finalist for a UK National Training Award and Times Higher Education Award, this one-day or two-day programme helps researchers who are 3-12 months into their doctorate to focus on building understanding, capability and confidence in communication, planning, time management, problem solving, leadership and assertiveness.

Effective Researcher: The next 90 days

A one-day programme for those who are 6-12 months into their doctorate. It focuses on developing the supervisor relationship, engaging in the impact agenda, communicating research to various audiences and career development beyond the doctorate.

Effective Researcher: Making progress in your doctorate

A one-day programme for postgraduate researchers early in the second year of a full-time doctorate (or part-time equivalent). It focuses on critical success factors during the middle year(s) and managing the doctoral process.

Effective Researcher: The end is in sight

A one-day programme for researchers in the final year of a doctorate. It focuses on what is required to complete a doctorate, recognising the skills developed during a doctorate and planning how to be successful in job searching.

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